Nevada’s Tortured “tort Reform”

Posted July 31st @ 31 July, 2014

In an effort to thwart a perceived •crisis” and based on fear concocted by media campaigns designed to shift the focus from the real problem, the citizens of the State of Nevada passed a ballot initiative capping noneconomic damages in medical malpractice actions. See NRS §41A.035. This cap is unconstitutional under both the provisions of the United States and Nevada Constitutions. The courts should declare the noneconomic damage cap unconstitutional. A. The Problem NRS §41A.035 and ...
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Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Regrets After not Hiring an Attorney After a Truck Accident

Posted July 30th @ 30 July, 2014

1. My car doesn’t run the same after they fixed it. 2. They hardly gave me anything for my car. 3. I thought they were going to be fair with me. 4. I pay my premiums. Why didn’t they take that into consideration? 5. I have a feeling an attorney probably could have gotten me much more. 6. My mother said to accept anything they offered me. 7. My neighbor says I’m a dork for accepting what they paid. 8. How can they get away with this? 9. The release I signed is ironclad. 10. This was a big ...
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La Habra Car Accident Attorney’s Top Ten Dumb Things Said After an Auto Accident

Posted July 29th @ 29 July, 2014

1. If you want to take a swing at me, I understand. I’d like to myself. 2. Wow, bumper cars were never this much fun. 3. That beats roller derby any day. 4. Don’t cry. They can probably fix your new car. You, on the other hand.... 5. Why is your dog growling at me? 6. Lets be civil about this. At trial, a jury will decide if you’re right about who caused the accident. 7. This is probably not going to set well with you, but even if I did run a red light, I think you were speeding. 8. Hey, ...
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Long Beach Auto Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Worst Excuses not to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident

Posted July 28th @ 28 July, 2014

1) Insurance companies have to pay what’s fair, don’t they? 2) Insurance companies aren’t in it for the money. 3) The other driver was nice to me. I don’t want to make trouble for them. 4) I don’t want my insurance rates to go up. 5) I wasn’t wearing a seat belt. 6) They might cancel me. 7) Their stock isn’t doing so well right now. 8) My insurance agent is a really nice person. 9) They said I shouldn’t. 10) Even if I don’t have to pay any money unless they’re successful and ...
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Divorce and Alimony Formula

Posted July 27th @ 27 July, 2014

In divorce, a common question is, "what is the alimony formula". Well, there really is no set alimony formula for divorce. This is in complete contrast to child support, which is decided based upon a specific formulas in each state. Alimony is based on factors and those factors are decided through divorce negotiation or by a divorce judge. But, there is no alimony formula available to your divorce attorney or you to determine in advance what alimony will be paid in your case. What does a ...
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Coachella Valley Car Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Clues You’re About to Have a Car Accident

Posted July 26th @ 26 July, 2014

1. You just got a horrible credit card statement. 2. Your electric bill doubled. 3. Your realtor says there’s no chance of you selling your house for what you owe. 4. Your refrigerator stopped working this morning. 5. You had a flat tire on your way to work. 6. You just got sued. 7. You just got notice of jury duty. 8. Your dentist is upset you missed your appointment. 9. There’s a mole on your back that looks funky. 10. You slipped on a grape at the grocery yesterday. Now here are ten more ...
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Stopped! How to Act When Stopped by the Police

Posted July 25th @ 25 July, 2014

Police officers receive extensive training in spotting danger signs when stopping a vehicle. Our website,, regularly covers stories of what happens when officers don't pick up on danger signs. What you may believe to be innocuous behavior on your part may be behavior consistent with one of t hose danger signs. Furthermore, it could be grounds for arrest. For this reason, it is important to know how to act when stopped by a police officer. Okay, firstly, pull your vehicle ...
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What To Expect If You Are Charged With A Crime.

Posted July 23rd @ 23 July, 2014

Although most people never expect to be charged with a crime, there can come a time when that can happen. These types of charges can range form warrants being issued for aid traffic tickets to individuals filing lawsuits against you. The best time to prepare for being charged with a crime is before it ever happens. Since lawsuits and arrests can move quickly, it is best to understand the basic events that lead up to and constitute being charged with a crime prior to the being charged. If you ...
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Becoming Aware of Wrongful Termination

Posted July 22nd @ 22 July, 2014

Commonly, when you start an employment with a company, you are oriented of your job description, responsibilities and the employees' code of conduct. The code of conduct or usually known as employee rules and regulations guides employees on the things they need to do in order to be considered worthy of prolonging their employment and receiving promotions and incentives. On the other hand, it also shows the employees the things they are forbidden to do which opposes the overall goals and ...
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Steps in A Medical Malpractice Case

Posted July 20th @ 20 July, 2014

Discovery that something may be wrong Like a child who has discovered a new toy, this information will open up a whole new world of awe and wonder for you. You may not iffy that a health practitioner has done something wrong pending long after you have been treated; this may be months, or even living. There is a narrow time in which you must folder a complaint against a health practitioner for health malpractice, after which you escape your right to retrieve any indemnity. The deadline is ...
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