Coachella Valley Car Accident Lawyer’s Top Ten Clues You’re About to Have a Car Accident

Posted July 26th @ 26 July, 2014

1. You just got a horrible credit card statement. 2. Your electric bill doubled. 3. Your realtor says there’s no chance of you selling your house for what you owe. 4. Your refrigerator stopped working this morning. 5. You had a flat tire on your way to work. 6. You just got sued. 7. You just got notice of jury duty. 8. Your dentist is upset you missed your appointment. 9. There’s a mole on your back that looks funky. 10. You slipped on a grape at the grocery yesterday. Now here are ten more ...
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Stopped! How to Act When Stopped by the Police

Posted July 25th @ 25 July, 2014

Police officers receive extensive training in spotting danger signs when stopping a vehicle. Our website,, regularly covers stories of what happens when officers don't pick up on danger signs. What you may believe to be innocuous behavior on your part may be behavior consistent with one of t hose danger signs. Furthermore, it could be grounds for arrest. For this reason, it is important to know how to act when stopped by a police officer. Okay, firstly, pull your vehicle ...
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What To Expect If You Are Charged With A Crime.

Posted July 23rd @ 23 July, 2014

Although most people never expect to be charged with a crime, there can come a time when that can happen. These types of charges can range form warrants being issued for aid traffic tickets to individuals filing lawsuits against you. The best time to prepare for being charged with a crime is before it ever happens. Since lawsuits and arrests can move quickly, it is best to understand the basic events that lead up to and constitute being charged with a crime prior to the being charged. If you ...
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Becoming Aware of Wrongful Termination

Posted July 22nd @ 22 July, 2014

Commonly, when you start an employment with a company, you are oriented of your job description, responsibilities and the employees' code of conduct. The code of conduct or usually known as employee rules and regulations guides employees on the things they need to do in order to be considered worthy of prolonging their employment and receiving promotions and incentives. On the other hand, it also shows the employees the things they are forbidden to do which opposes the overall goals and ...
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Steps in A Medical Malpractice Case

Posted July 20th @ 20 July, 2014

Discovery that something may be wrong Like a child who has discovered a new toy, this information will open up a whole new world of awe and wonder for you. You may not iffy that a health practitioner has done something wrong pending long after you have been treated; this may be months, or even living. There is a narrow time in which you must folder a complaint against a health practitioner for health malpractice, after which you escape your right to retrieve any indemnity. The deadline is ...
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Michelle Tribble's Insurance Nightmare

Posted July 19th @ 19 July, 2014

Recently my client Michelle Tribble was featured on CNN's cable show Anderson Cooper 360. The story addressed how insurance companies take advantage of legitimate accident victims by intentionally undercutting settlement offers and essentially forcing innocent victims to file expensive and time-consuming lawsuits just to recover their medical bills. I was contacted by CNN about a case that I handled a few years ago against Allstate Insurance Company on behalf of my client Michelle Tribble. ...
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Child Custody in Oklahoma

Posted July 18th @ 18 July, 2014

Child Custody in Oklahoma The laws in Oklahoma define temporary custody of a child as a decision made by the parents at the time of separation. Sometimes what could be in the best interest of the child at the time of separation might not be the best for the child down the road. Legal custody is the next step of the Oklahoma child custody process. This is determined by which parent is able to make the legal choices for the child. The choices include education, health care, religion, and what’s ...
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Case Study: Once Again Allstate Tries To Avoid Paying A Legitimate Claim

Posted July 17th @ 17 July, 2014

In November 2003, 36 year-old Christina Hoover* was driving in the west bound lanes of Interstate 90 about 2 miles west of Cle Elum. Her husband was riding in the front passenger seat. The defendant, Sally Hinkle, was driving her vehicle in the adjacent lane but 3 to 4 car lengths ahead. The defendant then suddenly changed lanes in front of Ms. Hoover, causing her to lose control, spin 180 degrees and come to a stop sideways in the middle lane. Following behind was a 33 foot motor home towing a ...
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Stand United

Posted July 16th @ 16 July, 2014

The Pledge of Allegiance has once again been ruled unconstitutional, just in time for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings for John Roberts. Apparently atheist Michael Newdow and the liberal judiciary in California did not get the message. They are determined to force God out of the history books and force their athiest beliefs on the rest of the country. It is time for all Americans to stand for something. The activist minority has had a very loud voice in the past, ...
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Does your Company need a Business Attorney?

Posted July 14th @ 14 July, 2014

If you are a small business owner, it is to be expected that you be up in your chin with matters that need to be decided upon, every single day of your business operations. It is also understandable that due to the myriad decision making issues you have to accomplish day in and day out, there will come a time when you ponder on the wisdom of hiring a qualified business attorney to share the burden with you. Usually, for those who are starting or has already started a business, the good judgment ...
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